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A Kinky New Beginning

Thursday, September 18, 2014

A GIFT OF ORGASM (Thursday Taster #22)

My taster for the week is a continuation from last weeks. Another juicy bite of "Chocolate Desire" the first of a three part A Cougar's Legacy series which is due to be released very soon. Watch this space and enjoy the taster.



Marie-Claire was so eager to be loved her patience was fast wearing thin. She was close to losing her sanity; she simply couldn’t endure any more of Cynthia’s wicked teasing.

“Oh please Cynthia... Please take me now...”

The desperation in her voice sounded strange to her own ears. It was as though the words had been spoken by someone other than herself. The fact of those words was however undeniable, and she was past the point of caring how slutty they sounded anyway. She just so desperately needed to be fucked before she went stark raving mad.

“Mmm... I love a girl who is so horny she’d beg to be fucked... Trust me baby, it’ll be well worth the wait.”

“Aghh...” Marie-Claire gasped as Cynthia crooned into ear, driving her to a whole new high of arousal.


Marie-Claire felt Cynthia’s hand sliding over her belly, tracing a tantalizing trail along the sides of her ripe breasts.

“Umghhh...” she groaned as Cynthia leisurely stroked her way to her nipples. Cynthia closed her mouth over each rock hard nipple in turn. She sucked on each one with practiced hunger before releasing it with a soft snapping sound.

Marie-Claire opened her mouth to beg Cynthia to stop teasing and just fuck her already, but all she managed was a long drawn moan as her randy lover tantalized her with the cruelty of foreplay.

She was about to pass out from denial of her desire when Cynthia leaned down and brushed her lips just barely over Marie-Claire’s for a moment, and then kissed her. Their kiss was gentle at first, and then with their tongues locked in a tango of lust, it became more forceful and passionate.

Their mouths stayed locked together for an eternity as Marie-Claire revelled in the soft, wet pleasure of her lover’s skilled kiss.

When their lips parted, Marie-Claire tossed her head back against the pillow. Cynthia laid a fiery trail of kisses down her lithe body. Cynthia’s hand slid between her legs, urging her to part them wider.

Obliging, Marie-Claire lifted her pelvis off the bedding. She pushed against the teasing fingers that rubbed then probed at her slick nether lips.

With her eyes shut, Marie-Claire’s other senses were hyper alert. She could hear every single note of her wetness squishing between Cynthia’s fingers. As her ebony lover thrust two fingers in and out of her tight, sex starved cunt. 

Marie-Claire was driven to the brink of climax. Her breathing grew more ragged by the minute. Her moans of pleasure combined with the jingling sounds of Cynthia’s bracelets, creating a symphony of heightened sexual pleasure.

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  1. Oh so sexy! It's hot in here lol. Pass a fan

  2. Can I take that Ice Bucket Challenge now? But, seriously, you incorporate so many senses: visual, auditory, tactile,.....sucking, fucking and fingering all to the sweet tinkling sound of bracelets. Lots of sensory layers going on here Don. Well done.....and very sexy. xo

  3. Your writing, especially the actionj in your descriptions is exquisite and original. I love this line: "but all she managed was a long drawn moan as her randy lover tantalized her with the cruelty of foreplay."

  4. Damn, very scorching. I mean "Just Blaze"! I can't wait to read the installment to your series, upon release.

  5. Very titillating. You keep the reader on edge so well. I love the imagery of the sounds of the bracelets. Very well done.

  6. Good description of the temptation and urgency.

  7. red hot and very erotic. Great taster