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A Kinky New Beginning

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hubby's Gambling Debt 2 (TTT # 19)

This week Hubby's Gambling Debt continues with answers to some of the questions readers were asking last week. I hope you find it exciting.

Hubby's Gambling Debt 2

“I am Salvatore DiMaggio; my friends call me Sal,”

The leader of the thugs offered his hand and when Candace shook it, he lifted the long manicured fingers of her trembling hand to his lips and kissed it tenderly.

‘Why would such a handsome and obviously well educated gentleman condescend to involving himself in such petty criminality?’

Seeing the confusion on her face, Sal laughed softly and then proceeded to explain the situation to her.

“I am what you might call an alternative venture capitalist,”

“What! You mean you’re a loan shark?”

Turning towards her disheveled husband, Candace gave him an incredulous stare.

“Tell me Jack; tell me it’s not true…. What the hell were you thinking getting involved with a loan shark?” she asked so close to tears.

“My dear Mrs. Pilchard, loan shark isn’t exactly my favorite job title, but if you insist on calling me one, perhaps I should forget I’m a perfect gentleman and start acting like one.”

“Uh… Mr. DiMaggio…. Sir, please… how much does my husband owe you exactly?”

“Your husband defaulted severally on a $40,000.00 loan even after the little reminder we gave him last month.”

His lively eyes went dead as he pointed to the cast on Jack’s left arm.

Candace trembled in fear; she was now face to face with the flip side of Salvatore DiMaggio’s Jekyll and Hyde persona.


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  1. Can't wait for the next installment....

  2. They are in a right tricky spot. The question is should she help him or leave him. There has to be a heart to heart with questions answered truthfully

    1. Good question Naomi, although in such situations I would imagine things are seldom as they appear at first... We'll see how it pans out eventually I suppose.

  3. Great tease, Don. I loved the characterization. It's near to impossible to show a duality of personalities in the words allotted, but you've done it!

    1. It was a worthy challenge to make it come out right. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it too Molly.

  4. Good tease, Don :-) Addiction, of any kind, is as hard on the loved ones of the addict as it is on the addict him/herself. Often times they pay as dearly, too. Her decision to support him or leave him to, if nothing else, protect herself will be an agonizing one, I'm sure.
    Looking forward to reading more!

    1. That's very true Kali. Like i was pointing out to Naomi earlier, in these kinds of situations, things aren't as easy as one would normally expect.
      This theme (Addiction) is an all time fascination of mine.
      Thanks Kali.

  5. Hummm... I'm begining to guess what he's going to ask her... The question is: should she accept and save her husband or just walk away? Dilemna!!

    1. Such decisions are never easy now are they? We'll see if love is enough to trump reason... and ultimately if it makes a difference.
      Thanks for stopping by Jade. Merci bien!

  6. Well done, Don!! I cannot wait to see if he really asks and if she relents. Great tease:) xo

    1. Fingers crossed Molly ;)
      Thanks for the feedback darling :)

  7. You heard my request Don, well mine and a dozen others. Your chief villain gets more intriguing by the moment, as does the situation. It's going nowhere good and everywhere fun.

    1. Loud and clear Jake :)
      Sal is indeed quite an interesting character, he drove me crazy for months. LOL
      I love how you describe where the situation is going too my friend, you're quite spot on.

  8. Well now! That's just a tease and a half! for all the questions answered- many yet remain!

    1. Patience, Lee. LOL
      All questions are usually answered in time ;)
      Thanks for stopping by.